Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our Sacred Honor (Remembering Our Noble Heritage)

As our fore fathers cried out tyranny Standing firm with no apology

Give me liberty or give me death echoed through the colonies

A shot was heard round the world, a midnight rider gave the sign

The British are coming, the British are coming, stand true it's time

An out numbered, out armed body united itself under a new identity

Crying if you "Tread On Me" you surely are my enemy

Although many lives were lost and it seemed the war almost was as well

It is because of their courageous sacrifice that I have this story to tell

So why did they stand up for your freedom, why did they roll up their sleeves and fight?

To declare to the world we are endowed by a Creator with unalienable rights

That among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all

Americas destiny was in the making and they heeded the call

Today their spirit lives on in a new revolution

In those who say you will not abandon my God or Constitution

You will not tax me to death, you wont lie to my face

Im standing firm and there's no way to knock me out of my place

I will restore our principles and show America where lies the real treasure

And To this I pledge my sacred honor forever and ever

A Mother, God's Most Special Gift

She's there to reach out both hands to keep you from falling
She puts her whole heart and soul into her calling
Her unmatched compassion makes one marvel and wonder
If the world's mortal angels are what we call Mothers
Her undying devotion can only be rightly expressed
As she loves you more then you know and only wants what's best
She teaches you how to be empathetic, kind and sincere
Not a day passes where she doesn't think how she holds you so dear
You could gather all of the riches from the four corners of the earth
And no matter how much you did. None can amount to a Mother's worth
And when she passes on and sometimes you may feel alone
I encourage you to Recite this poem
Because when your time is up,
She will be waiting to embrace you and she'll say Welcome home

By Justen Charters

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear Presidential Candidates: HAVE SOME GUSTO!!!

The next Commander IN Chief needs to be 100% Unapologetically American. They need to replace the shorted out bulbs in our "Shining City" and help restore our principles, values and integrity. We can not vote for someone who folds under pressure, submits to the whims of political correctness or tells us one thing in public and and does something completely different away from the cameras and microphones. We can not simply say, Oh well thats politics for you. We aren't trying to get another politician in the White House. We are looking to put another George Washington in the White House. Because make no mistake our nation is in much need of restoration now as it was when a group of rag tag patriots United itself against the most powerful empire in the world and must of have said, "We will not be ruled by Kings, we will be free men!"

Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Riddance Osama. Rot In Pieces!

Okay, so Bin Laden is finally rotting in pieces. Barack Obama addressed the nation last night on his trusty teleprompter, spoke without any emotion and tried to take credit for something he really had no hand in. So he honored the 9/11 victims and said we were "One Nation Under God," and even closed by saying, "God Bless America."

Lets keep in mind that this is the same President who has ommited the word "Creator" from the Declaration Of Independence twice. Let's also keep in mind that Obama went out of his way to dishonor the 9/11 victims by hiring Van Jones as his Green Jobs Czar. Who resigned shortly after he was exposed as Communist revolutionary and 9/11 truther. If you do not know what a 9/11 truther is, it is a person who believes the government placed bombs in the twin towers and was working hand in hand with Al Qaeda to further establish a police state.

A lot of people are celebrating Bin Laden's demise. And it should be celebrated. But we can not allow our vision to be clouded. In our case the head of the snake may have been cut off. But our snake is really a hydra and there our 10,000 more Bin Ladens waiting to sit at the head of Al Qaeda and continue their pursuit to terrorize and murder innocents in the name of Jihad.

For example Radical preacher Anjem Choudary warned in the event of Bin Laden's death. He would do another 7/7 style attack. The 7/7 attack was a terrorist attack in London where 56 lost their lives and nearly 700 were injured.

9/11 mastermind and Guantanamo Bay resident Khalid Sheik Mohammed warned that al-Qaeda has hidden a nuclear bomb in Europe which will unleash a "nuclear hellstorm" if Osama bin Laden is captured. How do you think these nut jobs are going to cope with dead instead of captured?

So, think back to Pearl Harbor do you think you could have reasoned with one of the men who flew their plane into one of our ships? No. You can not reason with someone who is willing to give up their life to take yours. The same case applies to Muslim terrorists. They truly believe that by killing Americans or Jews they will find themselves in paradise surrounded by many virgins. A popular saying goes, "Its their ideology stupid."

So how do you fight a ideology?

How did we fight the Nazis? We wiped them out. We did not allow their top leaders to sit in cells and contemplate their poor life decisions. We strung them up by the neck, kicked the stool, and said good riddance. The terrorists that are awaiting politically correct tribunals in Guantanamo Bay are not planning on spilling their guts.

So I say we send them to their paradise and I wonder what their reaction will be when they find out that the "Allah" they were doing so much work for, has horns, a tail, and a pitchfork.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Highlights Or Low Lights From Obama's Q&A ON Facebook

  • He said the Ryan Budget was radical, then called Ryan a patriot. Anybody else recall when he thought his mic was off in Chicago and bashed the Path to Prosperity?

  • He said to two key areas we need to invest in our education and transportation. The two most unionized businesses in the United States

  • He used Nancy Pelosi and leadership in a positive light in the same sentence. The one and the same who said, “We have to pass the bill, so you can see what's in it.” (In regard to the UNCONSTITUTIONAL legislation we coined Obamacare)

  • He said we need to be increasing oil production in a intelligent way. He lets Brazil and China drill in the gulf. His administration continues to put of deep water drilling permits. And our gas prices are nearly 4 dollars a gallon

  • He said we need to emphasize math and science. I would say he wants to rewrite history

Share this with your friends. If you believe Obama should be a one term President!

Friday, April 15, 2011

If I Could Speak At A Tea Party Rally. I'd Say This

All around the United States We The People are gathered together to advocate the bedrock principles our country was founded upon. There will be no more sitting on our hands just watching Glenn Beck or simply shaking our heads in regard to the direction this country is headed. Today is a day for action. In order to restore the values our nation seems to have taken for granted. We have to be bold. We have to cut through the red tape of political correctness with a legion of sharpened Samurai swords. You see people wearing their pins that read, "The Silent Majority Will Be Silent No More." So ask yourself this question. Are you calling Congress? Are you sending more then letters? Are you helping shift the destructive political dynamic in our country right now? Are you warning your neighbor of what lies on the horizon, if the majority remains complacent and apathetic. Carelessness is a recipe for disaster.

Our President elect seems to think he is the Head Of State and the Head Of Free Agency as well. Are you going to let the government tell you what you can and can't do? Are you going to let them increase taxes and take more of your hard earned money to invest in green energy and in technology that will so called "Win the Future." Gas prices are nearly 5 dollars a gallon. Food prices are increasing too. How we doing at "Winning the Future?"

The government's job has never been to legislate your life. No where in the Constitution does it say, Congress shall have the power to govern your every move. Now if we are referring to the Obama Constitution. The one the says you have to purchase health insurance. The one that says teachers are nation builders and not parents. The one that says we have to not ever offend anyone, even if they have pledged the absolute total annihilation of our country.

Well then you need to put down the jug of Hope & Change Koolaid and start taking some responsibility and accountability. The fact is, not the speculation. The fact is our nation is headed down what FA Hayek called, "The Road To Serfdom." Spending won't get us out of debt. Relying on other countries for our energy will not work. And catering to secularism won't work either. Secularism conforms to the general consensus of the time. Wait five years it will change. Capitalism will not. The supreme law of the land "The Constitution will not. Why you ask? Because they are universal truths. And truth never changes it's colors. Ever.

So fight for liberty. Help wake up America. Your freedom depends on the decisions you make today. This is not something you can put off, because you just don't feel like it.

Remember the words of Thomas Jefferson: All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Leftist Senators Say The "Darndest Things"

This week it was Sen Diane Feinstein saying, that one of the ways to not put boots on the ground in Libya, is have the International Court go in and arrest Qadaffi. (You know - Libya - the country we shouldn't be in, in the first place)

If you are not familiar with the International Court, a fair definition would be "the politically correct judicial body of the United Nations". If they went in and arrested Qadaffi, it might as well be with handing him the handcuffs and saying please put these on, and then making sure he has a fluffed pillow and a warm blanket on his flight to the I.C.C. Detention Center.

And when the flight touched down and Qadaffi was escorted to his new cold, damp cell where former dictators and military generals' screams fill the hallways. If only! Truthfully, when the flight touched down and Qadaffi was escorted to his cell that looks a little less lavish then a studio apartment, he'll find out out he is afforded conjugal visits, and that there is even a class he can take to learn to build wooden ship models, he might decide he likes it there!

Let's take Charles Taylor, for example. As in, the genocidal maniac and 22nd President of Liberia whose policies left thousands dead or mutilated. He has been a tenant at the I.C.C. Detention Center since 2006 and his trial still awaits a final verdict. Yes, a man who has had countless voices testify against them that he is a brutal dictator and murderer, still needs to be treated "fairly" and told if he is guilty or not guilty.

If we were to abide by international law in the United States in the case of Jared Loughner and the horrible Tuscon tragedy, the UN probably would have looked at the case and declared he has gender identity issues, deciding a git punishment would be a token slap on the wrist such as community service, some anger management perhaps? Or maybe even prosecuted the community college officials where he was driven off of campus - because they failed to be an adequate agent of a "nanny state"?

Yes, Feinstein, lets go in and arrest Qadaffi. Lets focus on what's really important. We need to understand him. We need to apologize for persecuting him for being a bloodthirsty savage. The real victim here is Qadaffi - because we failed to exhibit the oh - so - famous multicultural understanding which liberals tout!